Poll Workers Training & Assessment

Digitize Poll Workers registration, training, assessment and precinct assignment

Empower your poll workers with a personalized portal where they can watch training videos on-demand and complete assessments online. BallotDA helps poll managers to assign poll workers to precincts, provide attendance reports for payroll, and easily communicate with poll workers by SMS / E-Mail.

Key Features

  • Design customized Poll Workers training portal with custom videos, Ga SoS provided information and Assessment Questionnaire
  • Provide an easy-to-use portal for Poll workers registration, personalized training videos and assessments
  • Enable Poll managers to review Poll workers profile, videos watched, assessment status to help their assignments
  • Download election schedules, attendance reports for HR, XLS for payments processing
  • Leverage Notifications section to send SMS / E-Mail to Poll Workers
  • Monitor the workers check in/check out times with a simple QR code scan. This ensures effective time tracking for payroll purposes and reporting.
  • Intuitive dashboard design with up to date status on Training, Schedules, Instructors and Poll worker profiles.
  • Manage Election details such as election type, date and time. Handling Precinct information such as address and operation status.
  • Most effective communications via Mobile App with message system pertaining to precinct as group or an individual worker.
  • Enable push notification for immediate or urgent messages.

Online Training and Assesment for PollWorkers

  • Custom content-videos & assessments
  • Easy-to-use portal and dashboard
  • Enable managers to review training status assessment
  • Election schedules, attendance reports and payment processing reports
  • Poll worker messaging and notifications
  • Poll worker assignment to precincts
  • Reduce ad hoc phone calls and last minute reassignments
  • Receive timely reports from all precincts
  • Effectively respond to post-election queries, FOIA, litigation and departmental audits

Key Benefits

  • Prepare well ahead of the time for the Elections through qualified Poll Workers.
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls on the Election Day, last minute reassignments to precincts.
  • Reduce the Election day hassles of manually tracking Poll Workers attendance with our robust Attendance Kiosk. 
  • Contact quickly via SMS (text) or email any individual poll worker, one precinct’s poll workers, or all your poll workers at one time.
  • Leverage the audit log to effectively respond to post-election queries, FOIA, litigation, and departmental audits. 
  • Keeping track of Poll workers approvals, precinct assignment, training status and acceptance. Customizable and easy import of poll workers details.
  • Efficient communication with Poll workers, creating templates to send notifications, email and SMS. Keeping track of the notification logs.
  • Easy to access training videos for viewing at your own pace. And get your essential queries answered with hands on FAQs.
  • Establish training requirements and modules, schedule training sessions, and verify completion and certification through the system’s robust reporting capabilities.

Attendance Kiosk

  • Track attendance
  • View live updates of poll worker status from the county offices
  • Track accurate IN/OUT times for payroll calculations
  • Quickly setup a Polling location kiosk
  • Scan QR codes for instant poll worker check-ins
  • Get Print-Ready PDF files
  • Access easily on Tablets, Laptops & Mobile devices anytime & anywhere

"Comprehensive Insights on
training & election attendance"


Attendance during Training , Early Voting & Election Day Voting

election payroll

BallotDA automatically calculates the payroll for Early Voting (AIP) & Election day quickly

payroll automation

Integration with payroll accounting systems like SAP, Edmunds, Tyler and AMS.

payroll self-service

Ability to see hours worked and accurate pay from their mobile devices

Poll Worker Etiquette - Best Practices
Poll Watchers - DOs & DONTs

Provisional Voting - When, Why & How?
Closing Procedures - Paperwork & Compliance