FOIA / Open Records Search

Track and respond to all FOIA related queries by connecting to BallotDA and other data repositories

Key Features

  • Easy Search to all the Election related files like financial reports, Poll related Recap sheets, and Ethics documents
  • Quickly find any L&A reports of Poll Pads, BMDs and Tabulators
  • Search the database to look up any Election Asset, History, Poll Worker profile, Training records, and payment records in seconds
  • Historical search to any repository (XLS / PPT / SQL Databases / Cloud drives / Network Storage) to respond to FOIA / Open Records request

FOIA Requests

Key Benefits

  • Build a search solution that would search information from 3rd party databases on-demand, saving countless man hours
  • Eliminate paper waste and Go Green by digitizing the documents including tag-based search
  • Collate search results to FOIA request# and legal case numbers, reducing staff workload
  • Create a robust DR / BC solution that will handle unforeseen disasters like fire, flooding, etc. that can destroy paper recordsĀ