Election Asset Management

Maintain accurate inventory of Election Assets and consumables

Key Features

  • User friendly consolidated view of assets, checkouts,vendors etc with easy to intercept graphical representations.
  • BallotDA helps to keep track of critical Election equipment viz. Poll Pads, BMD, Tabulators, UPS and Laptops from a life cycle standpoint
  • Maintain inventory of consumables like Envelopes, Chairs, Signage, Lock Seals, Masks, Paper, and more
  • Quickly scan the QR / Barcode and update status of assets, input notes, and checkout from your mobile device
  • Document L&A test results, maintenance results, and quickly respond to FOIA requests
  • User management settings with options to set privileges for a user group or single user.
  • Election managers can mange where asset is located, who had it, when they had it and for what reasons.
  • Manage these asset details using unique QR code label and monitor crucial information via logs in notes section.
  • Designated packing list can be created for poll workers, precincts, registered voters or expected turnouts to calculate the supplies usable ratio to avert any shortfall.
  • Robust supply checklist management that tracks election readiness, packing, proofing, completion and post election unpacking.
  • Administrator can manage their assets checked out and checked in status based on the location or user. They can also set expected dates for certain assets to be checked back in as well.
  • Users can schedule maintenance for their assets through the system. This way their assets are always in the best condition when needed.
  • BallotDA Asset Management Mobile App is a convenient yet highly function tool. It provides details, notes, files regarding the assets and consumables, with hands on capability to check out and check in.
  • The QR code label can be directly scanned to capture information on the assets and consumables ensuring secure processing.
  • Pertaining to location the consumables checkout are effectively maintained based on their order and stock. Saving lots of time and money.


Key Benefits

  • Move away from the decentralized XLS files and manual updates
  • Reduce dependency on paper forms, reduce search time, and digitalize your recap sheets
  • Know the condition of your election equipment and plan any spare assets ahead of time
  • Leverage the audit log to effectively respond to post-election queries, FOIA, litigation, and departmental audits¬†¬†
  • Highly configurable dashboard design depending on administrators view options.
  • Asset tracking system provides a complete chain of custody management across electoral districts.
  • Ensure the integrity of election events, access all asset information such as tag no, owner, category, model, status, with updated date and time. Also add new asset details.
  • Most tailored and interactive L&A checklists that tracks all specifications and ensures the viability of the voting equipment.
  • Not limited to just election machinery, create and manage all election supplies including pens, envelopes, papers, notebooks, brochures, clips, staples etcs and more.
  • Maximizes efficiency by managing the maintenance and repair tracking of voting machines. Including maintaining systematic checklists for verifying the proper function of the devices and its subsidiary parts.
  • Make informed decisions with variety of configurable user-friendly reports with import/export capabilities to gain insight into election asset data, locations, users or anything else related to the processes.
  • The consumables are categorized, the minimum supply quantity and availability of stocks are efficiently tracked for amendment as per need.