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Poll Worker

Enable Online portal for Poll Workers for Training & Assessments

Absentee Ballot

Digitize, Track and Report status of Absentee Ballots & comply with State regulations


Manage Election Assets, consumables and document L&A results


Expedite Open Records / FOIA response and improve efficiency & customer statisfaction

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Empower Your Team to

Recruit, Train, Certify and schedule poll officials

Manage Kiosk attendnace and automate payroll handoff

Discover, Track election assets from a life cycle standpoint

Handle supply checklists, inventory and manage supplies

Create and publish Election Preparedness Dashboard

Receive FOIA requests, track notes and respond efficiently

Create actionable charts, visualization to help with elections

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Key Features

Election Assets Life Cycle Tracking and Testing

Track election assets from a life cycle standpoint, perform L&A testing, handle Supply checklists and efficiently manage supllies inventory

Streamlining Operations Through Digital Solutions

Improve overall efficiency of Poll worker management by implementing online training, assessments, attendance kiosk, payroll handoff and surveys

Absentee Request Error Tracking

Track Absentee request errors, send affidavits, manage notifications and create absentee dashboard

Ensuring Compliance, Tracking

Receive FOIA requests, track them from a life cycle standpoint and respond effectively with notes, attachments and comply with audit requirements

Key Benefits

Improve transparency through Digital automation of election processes
Reduce search time by 90% as paper processes are eliminated
Communicate with Poll Workers efficienctly through notification process
Handle post election queries, litigation and audits with ease
Customize online poll worker training, asessments and certification
Track election assets accurately so that you can provision backups
Manage supplies inventory and ensure availability in precincts
Inform stakeholders through Election Readiness dashboard

Why BallotDA?

  • Create efficiency
  • Provides the ability for the elections team to efficiently handle Absentee Ballot related processes
  • Digitalize Absentee Ballot Request forms & Signed envelopes and map them to registered voter list
  • Accurately track the Election Assets from a life cycle standpoint for any crosscheck / verification process
  • Prepare well for the Poll Workers training during these post-covid times
  • Ensure every absentee ballot is tracked throughout the life cycle from submission to completion (and make it available for audits, queries beyond the election date mandated by FOIA)
  • Equip your elections team with a virtual assistant in the form of BallotDA. By leveraging IT automation