Absentee Ballot Portal

Automate Absentee Ballot processing, and provide up to date status reports

Key Features

  • Scan Absentee Requests, Envelope inner flap, and any affidavits and associate them with voter records
  • Connect with state DB extract for D/L verification and pull up voter records
  • Initiate Cure application process from the application and track voter inquiries and discussions with the elections team
  • Auto populate the 10 AM status report to accurately show Absentee Ballots approved, cured and processed

Absentee Ballot Portal Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Empower the elections team with a Digital Assistant to comply with SB202
  • Search time is reduced by 90% when it comes to responding to voter queries on the status of their Absentee Ballot Requests
  • Eliminate manual search of paper documents with the digitalization process
  • Quickly provide requested information for queries, Open Records (FOIA) requests, litigation, and State/Federal government requests related to Absentee Ballots